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About Iceland

Where is Iceland?

How cold is Iceland?

Iceland in the summer or in the winter?

How are Icelanders like? Do Icelanders speak English?

Can I pay with credit card? What kind of money is used in Iceland?

What is the standard tip for tour guides in Iceland?

Can I bring a drone with me?

Glacier and Ice caving

What should I wear on the tours?

Do I need hiking boots?

How difficult are glacier hikes?

If I am pregnant, can I join a glacier hike?

Does a glacier hike happen on rainy days?

Snorkeling in Silfra

Where do I meet the guys for the snorkeling tour in Silfra?

Do I need to know how to swim?

Are underwater photos included in the price?

Pick-up from Reykjavik

How does pick-up from Reykjavik work?

Where can I be picked up?

How can I find the nearest designated pick up location?

About Tröll Expeditions

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